Willi Wyss travelling Europe, traveling America, travel Asia, sailing across the seas.


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Willi Wyss about his cruises on rivers and across the seven seas.



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Dear friends

Travelling is my life. For the last 50 years I have
always been on the move. I have visited all con-
tinents and most countries of this our wonderfull

I am now at the age of 75 and I have decided to
no more work as a cruise director. Instead I will
go on travelling with my wife privately as long as

On the right side of this page I want to show you to the most interesting travel related links. As I have been working as a travel agent for more than 30 years, I know where to find the most relevant pieces
of information. And now you can find them as well.


Clicking on "my cruises" takes you to a page in german giving a summary about my past and future cruises. But I think the routes and names of the ships can easily be understood.
These pages are only of interest for german speaking guests who have been or will be travelling with me.

On the left  part you find links to my photo-pages on the net featuring some cruises I have taken recently.

Hope to be of service to you.

Willi Wyss

travelling europe, traveling america, travel to asia








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