“Find out how a complete newbie went from knowing absolutely nothing about Social Networking to gaining 25,000 Twitter followers in UNDER 13 Weeks

 People on Twitter are just too obsessive with looking for the secret that they simply don’t see it!

“I’m offering you the skills and expertise that my own Twitter account is built upon. I will strip it down to its roots in order for you to understand and master it and have you using my system in under 24 hours!”

From The Desk of Samantha Milner

Dear Frustrated Internet Marketer,

This isn't a long sales page because you'll either immediately see the huge value of this e-book or you won't.

I didn’t make serious money within Internet Marketing straightaway. It was a process over time (well a few months of hard graft) and by god did I put the hours in – I was a slave to the cause and when I look back I think I must have been crazy. I’m not talking about wasting time on get rich quick schemes I’d tried most of them offline so why would I waste my time online. What I’m talking about is Income Building – where I built several flows of income to allow me to work on autopilot. The idea that you could go on holiday for two weeks and you are earning serious money whilst you’re on holiday without even having to turn on a laptop.

 This is just what one professional Internet Marketer thought about it….


Samantha has conquered the mystery of Twitter

Many people don't get how a 140 character micro Blog can be of any value, let alone see a way to make Twitter work for business and actually earn an income. Samantha Milner of Dsm Publishing is however an exception to the norm. Living the life of an Internet Marketer in perpetually sunny Portugal, this young woman, who I am proud to claim as a friend, has conquered the mystery of Twitter and has:

Built a following of 10,000 in less that 60 days

earned substantial income from being involved in Twitter

Gained a reputation in the Twitter community of being a giver of knowledge support and encouragement.


Sam and I had a challenge to get to 5000 followers which I just piped her to. Jokingly I said, see who gets to 10,000 first and in under 100 days and Sam "streeted it in". I am on target but even my "superior" resources and experience were no match for the Queen of Twitter, a young woman living her dream life with husband Dominic.


You can find out how Sam achieved this remarkable feat of 10,000 followers in 8 weeks in her extraordinary FREE e-book "Become a Twitter expert in 24hrs"


Every step is clearly set out, each tactic is explained and a road map for you to follow is there for you to replicate. Sam even has how to plan your day to maximize your efforts.


Sam's book has some amazing strategies that I wasn't able to access ANYWHERE ELSE on the internet. So, if you want to understand Twitter, learn how to gain an army of followers, and even make some money, you should waste no time and grab the FREE copy of Sam’s Journey to Twitter Fame" now...


Wayne Mansfield

The Maverick Spirit Newsletter http://www.au1865.com

Twitter Elite http://www.twitter.com/waynemansfield

 Why have I joined the Twitter community?

One day I was introduced to Twitter and even though I didn't take to it on the day I opened the account I returned very soon as I saw the huge potential that it offered me. I liked the idea that I could chat to people about my interests and earn an excellent sum of money for less than three hours dedication a day!

 “I am sure your wondering if it’s so great then why aren’t more people doing it?”

 The reason is very simple because people don't see the positives that it offers and just concentrate on the negatives.

Here are my favourite excuses: 

Twitter take up my time

Twitter takes you away from your more productive work

Without a strategy its a waste of typing

There are other ways to generate the traffic

Twitter is just for nerds

Twitter is only a few million people

Twitter adds critism to my business

I am offering to sort out all these problems with you through this amazing free e-book. I will show you how to write the updates to get your voice heard. I will take you through beginning to end on Twitter, which together will amaze you.

This is what one of my customers thought about it....

Think about it – If you don’t have the time to put in then your internet business is doomed!

Consider this – If you have the ideal marketing tools and ideas with Twitter you can do it in the quickest time that you can possibly imagine!

I have been successful writing, publishing and selling E-Books online for over 4 years. In this time I never once realised how important the power of social networking could really be. This is me just testing the water at a type of marketing that isn't new. But by following my methods that I have literally just used you can be doing the same.

I often read about many, many e-books on the Internet telling you to follow a certain scheme that they used two years ago. But I am launching this very product on the 8 week anniversary of starting.

If you seriously want to work from home and spend more time with your friends and family then I believe I have the answer.

If so this e-book is well worth a read!

This e-book is presented to you in 5 stages:

Creating your Twitter account

Updates on Twitter


Time Management

Twitter Tools

Over 50 Pages of proven tips, tricks, & hints for dominating Twitter!

Inside this amazing e-book you will find out:

A Brief introduction to Twitter

How Twitter can work for YOU

How to get to grips with Twitter NOW

Setting up your Twitter account

Which backgrounds to use

Integrating Twitter with FaceBook for maximum results

Which groups will add the most followers

How to find people that are interested in what you are selling

How to get 100's of people following you every day

How to use Twitter to add traffic to your Blog

The best tools to enhance your Twitter account

How to build a product launch through Twitter

What you should avoid on Twitter

The best places to promote your Twitter account

The best Direct Messages

The Worst messages to leave

The best updates to create

The perfect balance between business & pleasure

And much, much more....

What's even better is that this e-book  have been designed so you can grasp the basics and be up and running in just ONE DAY.

Click Here to grab your e-book


To your success


Willi Wyss




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